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"Hey there. Name's Rebecca Crane. I'm usually pretty friendly, but if you threaten my team, or the rest of the world, we're going to have a problem."
((Independent rp blog for Rebecca Crane of Assassins Creed. Will rp with anyone from any fandom
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M!A: Infected with the Blacklight virus
Posted on 1st Apr at 10:00 AM, with 32 notes
Cinderella AU || Closed RP w/ thoseneworleansgals

Rebecca stepped out of the carriage, lifting the hem of her dress as she walked up the stairs. She entered through the main doors, into the ballroom, and looked around in wonder. Never in her life had she seen anything like this.

She remained by the wall for a while, hanging back in the shadows, too nervous to do anything else but watch the beautiful women dance with the men.

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