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"Hey there. Name's Rebecca Crane. I'm usually pretty friendly, but if you threaten my team, or the rest of the world, we're going to have a problem."
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M!A: Infected with the Blacklight virus
Posted on 31st Jul at 3:01 PM

Ok, I can’t do this. My muse has crashed, nothing good is going to come out for her anymore.

I will be on my Chell account, and not on here, for the foreseeable future.

Posted on 31st Jul at 3:00 PM, with 12 notes
Coffee || Open RP


Fang had been working part time at the coffee shop and had been interested by the quiet girl who had walked in earlier. It was the end of his shift so he made himself some tea and walked over. “Mind if I sit here?” Even if she didn’t want to talk he had some poetry he needed to work on and a collection to read for inspiration.

Rebecca looked up, and shook her head, gesturing to the empty seat. “Not at all,” she murmured, shifting slightly.

Posted on 31st Jul at 2:58 PM

Anonymous said: Fuck that other anon. I would rather see you rp and write cool threads with other people.

((Your opinion has been noted. Thanks ;w;))

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Coffee || Open RP


"I did, and even for the dry cleaning but he refused them both and asked for a bloody nose" He sighed, he was actually sitting on the man to keep him from hitting him “I don’t need my morning tea today i suppose, that was enough to get me going… I am Sam by the way, Doctor Sam Kashmire"

"That’s nice," Rebecca murmured noncommittally, before standing. "To be honest, I was looking for a little peace and quiet."

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Coffee || Open RP


"Oh him, he is just having an emotional moment" he chuckled, the man didn’t find it very funny and tried to swing at Sam but Sam quickly put him on the ground “I took some classes just in case one of my patients tried to attack my nurses"

Rebecca nodded dubiously, and looked back down at her book. “You did spill his drink, you should probably offer to pay for it,” she commented.

Posted on 31st Jul at 2:44 PM
To the foul-mouthed anon:

I’m not posting that.

That word does not go on my blog, ever.

Posted on 31st Jul at 2:39 PM

Anonymous said: no offence, but I would rather see you go than stay here and annoy people about roleplaying.

((Your advice has been noted. Thank you.))

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Coffee || Open RP


The man screamed at Sam, but it seemed that Sam was tuned out. He turned to see the girl with the book just staring ” oh hello” he seemed to completely forget he was being threatened. He gave her a cheery smile.

Rebecca gave him a slightly surprised look, and glanced at the other man. “That may need some attention,” she said pointedly.

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Coffee || Open RP


Sam was about to pay for his coffee when he accidentally knocked over a guys drink, he was obviously trying to apologies but the man wouldn’t take it and quickly used physical force “Now hold on i didn’t mean it!”

The commotion drew her attention, but getting involved seemed like a terrible idea. 

Posted on 31st Jul at 2:24 PM, with 12 notes
Coffee || Open RP

Rebecca sat outside the coffee shop, a cup sitting on the table in front of her, and a small paperback book in her hands. 

She took a sip of her coffee, and set it back down, drawn so deeply into the book she was reading that she wasn’t paying attention to what was happening around her.

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